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However, at the time of writing this, there is no multi-test strip that tests for ammonia. If you want to test for ammonia (and most of you will!), you need to purchase ammonia test strips, like these, separately.

buy my test strips


I feel sorry for the beginners who are suckered into buying aquarium test strips by pushy salesmen, knowing that they will soon return to replace them. Buy a master test kit and save yourself a world of hassle.

My test strip results are all in the normal range for the first 30 seconds or so. But after a couple on minutes the colors have changed and ph level darkens the most after first taking it out of the water. Is it normal for strips to do that as they dry?

Ive used the both salifert test kit for each no2, no3, kh and ph. Comparing to the jbl easy test 6 in 1, it is not that precise but it does give u a glance of how well your aquarium is doing. I do the jbl every week and salifert every month. Or maybe incase the test kit is giving a bad parameters, ill use the salifert to get the actual reading.

I can see the appeal of these 6-in-1 tests as an all-in-one solution, but they are somewhat of a beginner trap. It sounds like you experienced this first hand with the ammonia scare! You had your head switched on with double checking the tests, imagine what would have happened if you trusted the test and started treating your tank based on these results, you would have unnecessarily stressed your fish.

I use 5 in 1 strips to monitor the PH, GH and KH in my shrimp tank. I use DI water so I have to add KH GH plus to get it where I want it for the plants, shrimp and snails. I find them suitable for my application and they must be accurate enough because my shrimp breed like rabbits.

Instead of testing, once a week I add a cap of ammonia neutralizer. 2 Days Later I add a cap of clarifier and then 2 days after that I add a cap of waste away. I do a 75% water change twice a week and replace additive as needed to adjust for loss in water change. My aquariums are beautiful, fish are thriving and my wallet, heavier and happier!

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact OneTouch Customer Care at 1-800-227-8862 and we'll do everything we can to help resolve the problem. Please make sure you have your meter and test strips available when you call.

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter displays messages when there are problems with the test strip, meter or when your glucose levels are above 600 mg/dL or below 20 mg/dL. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of your Owner's Booklet for further information about error messages. The following error screens may appear along with an error message in the upper left corner of your meter screen. NOTE: If the meter is on but does not operate, contact Customer Service at 1-888-567-3003.

What to do:Repeat the test with a new test strip. Apply a blood or control solution sample only after the flashing symbol appears on the display. If this message continues to appear, contact Customer Service at 1-888-567-3003.

The OneTouch Ultra2 meter displays messages when there are problems with the test strip, meter or when your glucose levels are above 600 mg/dL or below 20 mg/dL. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of your Owner's Booklet for further information about error messages. The following error screens may appear along with an error message in the upper left corner of your meter screen. NOTE: If the meter is on but does not operate, contact Customer Service at 1-888-567-3003.

If you think your OneTouch meter is broken, review your product page for support or contact OneTouch Customer Care at 1-800-227-8862. Please make sure you have the meter and test strips with you when you call. Alternatively, contact your healthcare professional.

Yes. If you are covered by a Medicare Advantage plan (like an HMO or PPO), Managed Medicaid, Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicaid, or commercial plan, you can get your OneTouch testing supplies through mail order. You may choose to get your testing supplies at a retail pharmacy but it is not a requirement.

Your OneTouch meter and OneTouch test strips are always covered under Medicare Part B (your red, white and blue card). With most supplemental insurance, patients will pay $0 out-of-pocket.Coverage and payment may be subject to co-insurance, deductible and patient eligibility requirements. LifeScan does not guarantee coverage or payment.

Research has shown the distribution and use of fentanyl test distribution to be an effective intervention against fentanyl overdose. In studies, up to 77 percent of individuals whose drugs tested positive for fentanyl took precautions to reduce their risk of overdose.

Along with implementing this new policy, the City is launching a public outreach campaign with information about how and why to test drugs for fentanyl. Additional drug-specific educational cards that advise testing drugs for fentanyl and carrying naloxone can be found here. Ongoing virtual trainings on overdose prevention and the use of fentanyl test strips can be found at

Diabetes is a lifelong condition. Because it is, you can have major health problems if you don't keep blood glucose under control. That's why fully understanding how to buy and properly use diabetes testing supplies as well as diabetes medications is so important.

Learning to regularly test your blood glucose level with a glucose monitor and to take diabetes medications when you are supposed to will make living with the condition much easier. With a little practice, you can self-manage diabetes just as you manage other aspects of your life. When you do, your quality of life and ability to be active and do the things you want to do will greatly improve.

Home blood sugar (glucose) testing is an essential part of controlling your blood sugar and self-managing diabetes. Your diabetes educator can guide you in terms of how often to check your blood glucose and how to do it properly. Make sure the diabetes educator watches you use the glucose meter several times. That way, you can be sure you're doing it correctly. At a minimum, you'll be checking your blood sugar every morning before you eat. It's also advisable to check it before lunch and dinner and at bedtime. Your doctor may also ask that you test your blood one hour after eating.

Today, blood glucose meters can usually provide results in 15 seconds or less and can store this valuable information for you and your doctor. These meters can also calculate an average blood glucose level over a period of time. Some glucose meters also feature software kits that retrieve information from the meter and display graphs and charts of your past test results on a computer or cell phone.

You can purchase blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, and other diabetes supplies at your local pharmacy or at online pharmacies. But it's important to shop for bargains, just like you would for any other purchase. By looking for sales on diabetes products, you can find the best prices and save money. As an example, generic diabetes drugs can cut the cost of diabetes care. That's because retail prices for generics are generally lower than you'd pay for the name-brand products.

A glucose meter can vary in price depending on the features and brand you select. But you should be able to buy one for $40 to $60. Diabetes test strips can cost around $100 a month. Test strips are pricey, but you must have them to avoid problems. Checking only once or twice a day can save money on test strips. But first discuss less frequent sugar checks with your doctor or diabetes educator.

As you select a blood glucose meter, test strips, and other insulin supplies such as insulin syringes, keep in mind that there is no cure for diabetes at this time. You will need to have diabetes supplies every day, whether you are in town, away for the weekend, or traveling globally. You will have to make management of diabetes part of your daily lifestyle to stay well and avoid life-threatening diabetes complications.

Never freeze insulin or store it in a hot location. If you purchase insulin from a pharmacy, be sure to take it home soon after buying it to avoid extreme temperatures. Also, keep test strips dry, and don't expose them to moisture or extreme heat or cold or you may damage the integrity of the strip.

As you plan to purchase your test strips, glucose meter, lancets, lancing device, control solution, and other diabetic supplies over the counter, be sure to shop for deals. For some tips check out what Penny has to help you hunt glucose test strip deals.

I have just had a miscarriage couple months ago, been trying for 2 years these test have made me feel more confident about my rainbow baby, I have taken many test and they have become very expensive, I have found the perfect solution when I found these test, a pack of 50 for the price of a 2 tester, I love these test ! I recommend getting the bundle for ovulation and pregnancy Tests or just a bundle of both !

Make sure to check the areas that discuss tiers and associated costs and determine if your costs differ for mail-order or in-person prescriptions. Even if there is a limit, it is sometimes possible to get more strips to manage your condition by applying for an exception. When applying for an exception, you will need to document the number of test strips you have been using.

Our new, improved fentanyl test strips can quickly and reliably detect fentanyl and most of its known analogs in a drug sample. Unlike other strips on the market, they do not produce false positives with meth, MDMA, or cocaine.

CAUTION: Not all fentanyl test strips work the same. DanceSafe fentanyl test strips have been laboratory-assessed to work for harm reduction purposes, as opposed to just urine testing. Learn more.

WHOLESALE: If you are a retail store, online reseller, or social service agency distributing strips for free, register here for wholesale pricing. For questions, please email us at or call 888-636-2411 x 2. 041b061a72

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