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NHL 06

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The game also includes HC Davos from Switzerland to go along with the European Elite Leagues. Due to the lack of the IIHF license, the game does not include real team jerseys for national teams or the World Cup of Hockey. Instead, the World Cup of Hockey is now known as the "EA Sports World Tournament". This also means that the national team jerseys were modified by substituting the team logos with flags and randomizing jersey designs. However, there are two backgrounds in the menus showing a bench with Canada in their real jerseys and a goaltender in the real Finland jersey, even though the USA logo is still visible on the USA helmets and Russia's jersey script logo can be also seen on Russia's ice rink.

The developers of the game placed a surprise in the PlayStation 2 version; playing NHL 94 is an option, and it appears the same as it did when it was originally released, including the appearance of the since-relocated Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers, and Quebec Nordiques.[1]. The game did not feature the original rosters.

NHL 06 was released earlier than expected to boost sales against Take Two Interactive's NHL 2K6 and competing Gretzky NHL games. Because of this, the 2005 draft class is not included in NHL 06 by default. These players include some of the faces of the league such as Sidney Crosby, and Alexander Ovechkin. But they can be created in the game to compensate for this.

Last year, EA's NHL franchise took something of a misstep with NHL 2005. Despite being a generally good game of hockey, some gameplay problems, a somewhat lacking dynasty mode, and a few other scattered problems cost the series the momentum it had built the previous year with the thoroughly excellent NHL 2004. For this year, and for the triumphant return of the NHL from its ugly player lockout, EA has righted a couple of wrongs, left some other wrongs as they were, and tossed in a couple of new ones. NHL 06 doesn't feel like much in the way of forward progress at all, really, as it simply tweaks things that probably needed bigger overhauls and leaves an awful lot of the package generally untouched. Sure, it's got all the new rule changes, as well as an almost entirely up-to-date roster (on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 via online downloads), but considering how similar the game is overall to 2005's version, you have to ask yourself, "Is that really enough?"

Gameplay-wise, NHL 06 plays a lot like the last few games in the series have by focusing on a faster, more furious brand of play that can't exactly be called realistic but manages to be fun, regardless. Mechanically, all the changes made last year are back once again, including two-button shooting and the easy one-step wraparound shot. One thing that isn't back is the overwrought defensive artificial intelligence that made setting up offensive plays a gigantic pain in the neck. The defensemen in NHL 06 actually do things like poke-check and play you up close without necessarily hip checking you to the ice every time you cross the blue line into the offensive zone. Sure, they'll still knock you back, given the opportunity, but thankfully, those opportunities aren't nearly as plentiful in this year's game, giving you more chances to play realistic offense. That isn't to say the balance is perfect, mind you. On the default difficulty, we found it a little too easy to exploit certain one-timers and fancy shots--though to be fair, that wasn't so much the fault of the defensemen so much as it was the fault of the goalie, who for some reason finds it necessary to drop to the ice sideways at rather bizarre times. But once we bumped the difficulty up to either of the upper two levels, that issue went right away.

Beyond less-crazy defensive AI, the developer has put in a couple of new goodies in the form of left-analog deking and right-analog shooting. The left-analog deking is pretty self-explanatory. You simply move the left analog stick back and forth as you're moving up the ice to try to fake out de

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