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Where Can I Buy Pro Keds Sneakers

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PRO-Keds carries a wide range of high-top and low-top sneakers for everyday casual wear and sportswear. PRO-Keds were first introduced by George Mikan, an American basketball player who played for the Chicago American Gears. Over the years, the company added models designed specifically for baseball, football, tennis, and track and field.

PRO-Keds is owned by the footwear company Wolverine World Wide. Founded in 1916, the Keds brand was created by U.S. Rubber company. The first Keds sneakers were a brand that made utilitarian canvas shoes. The U.S. Rubber Company owned Keds until 1979. PRO-Keds was established in 1949 to meet the post-war need for athletic footwear. The Royal was the first shoe produced for the performance athletic sneakers niche.

Royal Keds sneakers have the red and blue two-tone Powerstripes logo on the sole. They come in suede, high-top, and low-top. The first Royal was a high-top for the courts, marketed at that time as the "Sureshot." With an open cell foam footbed and arch and a forefront cushion, the Royal classic is constructed from 12.5-inch canvas, a classic gum outsole, and an off-white midsole. Choices for the uppers include canvas, chambray, cotton, felt, leather, Nubuck, suede, twill, nylon, and jersey. The Royal comes in a variety of colors including camouflage. These shoes are constructed with shock-absorbing and cushioning technology.

Since canvas Keds are made of cotton, you can use many of the same techniques you would use to clean any cotton clothing. Do regular spot cleaning just as with a stain on your shirt. If you notice a stain on your sneakers, use a toothbrush and stain remover to get rid of it. You can also put your shoes in the washing machine. First, get as much mud and dirt off as possible and take out the shoelaces. Then, throw them into the washing machine on the delicate cycle with cold water and an old towel so they dont bang around. Another method is to soak your sneakers in a tub of cold water with detergent and do a little extra cleaning with a damp cloth. Always air-dry your Keds. Putting them in the clothes dryer will shrink your sneakers and cause the rubber to warp.

In 1916, U.S. Rubber consolidated 30 different shoe brand names to create one company. Initially, the name "Peds" was chosen for the brand from the Latin word for feet, but it was already trademarked.[1][2] Keds's original shoe design, the Champion, was the first mass-marketed canvas-top shoe.[3] They became known as "sneakers" as the soft rubber soles allowed "sneaking around silently".[4] By the early 1920s, the shoes were worn by Olympic soccer players, national and international tennis champions, and college athletes.[5] In 1926, the Keds Triumph shoe was introduced.[6] Keds released "Kedettes", a line of washable high-heeled shoes for women, in 1938.[7][8][9]

In 1949, Pro-Keds were introduced as a line of sneakers for athletic performance[10] intended to compete with the industry standard, Converse.[11][12][13] Designed specifically for basketball players, the original style, the Royal,[14] was endorsed by George Mikan. In 1953, the Minneapolis Lakers were outfitted with Pro-Keds.[11] In 1969, Pro-Keds introduced the 69er, and demand for them in Harlem and The Bronx was so overwhelming that they became known as "Uptowns". The early 1970s saw the introduction of the Royal Plus, also known as the "Suede Super", which had a suede upper, padded collar, and was available in a high or low top.[15] Pro-Keds were worn by NBA stars including Willis Reed, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nate "Tiny" Archibald, JoJo White, Bob Love, Lou Hudson, Bob Lanier and "Pistol" Pete Maravich,[14] as well as musicians The Ramones.[16] The brand gained a following in the hip-hop community by the late 1970s.[14] 59ce067264

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