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BEST Airbag Universal Repair 3

Maybe you are also shopping for other ski gear. Whether it's a new pair of top-rated backcountry skis or poles, our articles can help. We've also examined safety gear, like the best avalanche beacons and top avalanche airbags.

BEST Airbag Universal Repair 3


The Pomoca Climb Pro S Glide comes out at the top of the heap. The best skins are the best compromises of varied attributes, and this Pomoca balances most of them. It grips and glides just right. It sticks and lets go just right. It is just the right size, weight, and sturdiness. The tip and tail kit is optimized and as universal as we can expect. The trim tool that Pomoca includes is excellent.

Among those universal in fit, tip attachments vary. The best and most versatile are the pivoting metal hooks of the G3 skins. Next, the offset and rigid wire slots of the Pomoca, Contour, Colltex, Kohla, and newest Black Diamond options are quite secure and adaptable to different tip profiles. The cable tip loops still on the market in places are the least secure tip loop option we assessed.

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