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[S6E19] Hide And Seek

They both go to the real Prismo, and the other Jake soon arrives at the same bed. Jake is startled to see Prismo alive and extremely happy too. Prismo then tells Finn to stop his other self who is going to wake up the other Jake. But Finn gets confused. Soon a voice is heard and he tells them to hide. The other Prismo and Finn arrive to wake the other Jake. Finn gets totally confused, but gets his mind cleared when Prismo says he has to stop his 'that' who. Prismo then explains that one of Jake's alternate reality will sleep for eternity to keep Prismo alive, to which Jake accepts.

[S6E19] Hide and Seek

The holoprogram Leonardo da Vinci, along with other Voyager technology, was stolen by pirates led by Tau. Janeway found his hideout and recovered the technology, including the Leonardo hologram. (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

Following the attack on Mars in 2385, now-Admiral Janeway was stalked by Lieutenant Commander Raffaela Musiker, who was seeking support for her conviction that a conspiracy was behind the attack. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

In the aborted timeline in which Voyager avoided the nebula that contained the transwarp hub controlled by the Borg, the ship returned to the Alpha Quadrant sixteen years later than they did in the prime timeline. Janeway became a vice admiral and traveled back in time to 2378, bringing along technology approximately thirty years from the future to help Voyager return to Earth using the previously avoided hub. The Janeway from this timeline had become more obsessed with bringing her crew home after having suffered heavy casualties during the remaining sixteen years since they had encountered the Borg-infested nebula. She had also encountered the Borg several more times, which had enabled her to develop new tactics and weapons, including ablative generator armor and a type of transphasic torpedo. She had apparently also studied the Borg extensively; she knew the shields protecting the hub were controlled by the Borg Queen herself. She also gave up coffee, in favor of tea, but only took up coffee again after she went back in time to help her younger self get home. This Janeway had become very bitter and lost her idealism, but upon seeing the crew's loyalty, she regained her idealism and agreed to work with the crew to deliver a crippling blow to the Borg and get home. Pretending to be seeking the Borg Queen's help in getting Voyager home because of the stubbornness of her present-day counterpart, this Janeway allowed herself to be captured and assimilated by the Borg Queen, infecting her with a neurolytic pathogen, killing her and destroying the Borg Unicomplex. She died in the explosion, but her sacrifice allowed Voyager to finally return home while destroying the Borg transwarp hub. (VOY: "Endgame")

Regina: ..And just what are you and the... disgraced ex-reporter accusing me of?Emma: Fifty-thousand dollars was transferred out of the city account by you.Regina: Well, as Mayor, I'm involved in many transactions. Check the public records if you have questions.Emma: That's the thing. They're missing from three weeks ago. You have any idea what happened to them?Regina: Well, if they're missing, I probably checked them out, as my job often requires me to do. And if they were checked out three weeks ago, well, that means they burned... in a fire. In a fire that, if I recall, got you elected Sheriff. I have nothing to hide.Emma: (Steps forward and leans over Regina's desk in a dramatic fashion) Okay. There's nothing for us to do, let's go, Sidney.Sidney: Emma.Emma: No, she's right. We have nothing. (They depart. The scene transitions to the exterior of the building)Sidney: That was your plan? I thought you were gonna do something.Emma: I did. I planted a bug. You win, Sidney. Let's do whatever it takes.

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