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Danny Dream Sets

-rereleases-dream-fulfilled-on-potholes-music/Danny Swain, aka Danny!, returns with his second effort on Potholes Music, Dream, Fulfilled. Like its predecessor Dream, Interrupted, this album is entirely instrumental and showcases Swain's immense talent as a producer. While most folks know him as a rather outspoken MC, it's become increasingly clear that his gifts as a beatsmith deserve the same recognition.Across the record's 23 tracks, he expertly samples, flips, and chops samples from across the genresphere. You'll hear jazzy, soulful vibes on one tune while on another, there are shades of '70s psychedelia. He even crafts his own interpretation of A Tribe Called Quest classic "Find A Way" on the perfectly chill, late afternoon-ready "Check It Out".The rerelease of Dream, Fulfilled comes on the heels of the news that Danny! will release his much anticipated new album, Payback, via Okayplayer Records. The imprint announced its relaunch and will drop Payback on Sept. 25.

Danny dream sets

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DOWNLOAD: XOYO residency is already entering its last phase. time flies when you are having fun.Just felt like posting one of my fave sets so far: the night, week 2, when me and Danny Daze warmed it up for Cajmere.Hope you enjoyttiganonstop XOYO Residency: Tiga album No Fantasy Required:[PHOTO: Fresh To Death]

The genre-bending western focuses on a drifter who finds redemption with a hardscrabble frontier woman and her young daughter, only to see his dream of happiness jeopardized when brute mercenaries show up at his door.

KANSAS CITY -- Royals left-hander Danny Duffy was 7 years old when his father, Dan, took him to his first Major League game at Dodger Stadium.The duo made the trek to Los Angeles from Lompoc, Calif., about a three-hour drive. When Danny got inside the stadium and walked through a ramp toward their seats, he got his first glimpse of the perfectly manicured field."Dad," Danny said, "do you think I'll ever have a chance to play on that field?"Dan didn't know how to respond."I was kind of speechless, because how do you answer that to a 7-year-old?" Dan said. "So, I told him, 'Yes, son -- if you eat your vegetables, do your homework, and always do what your mom tells you to do.'"Little did either of them know Danny's dream would come true about 11 years later, when Danny had his one and only pre-Draft workout at Dodger Stadium."That was just so cool," Danny said. "I thought, 'Wow. I've made it.'"The years have passed since, but Danny, now 27, and his father remember those moments from Danny's youth as if they were yesterday. That special bond remains intact as they celebrate Father's Day this year.:: Father's Day 2016 ::"My dad and my mom introduced the game to me," Danny said. "We have pictures of me at 2 years old with a baseball in my hand. He would play catch with me all the time. He means everything to me."Dan knew his son had the determination to get to the pros."He was just so anxious to improve and go to the next level," Dan said. "Whatever he did, he wanted to get better from Little League on up. He was so motivated."However, it wasn't until a showcase event held for Danny by a local scout that Dan realized just how much talent his son had.

His next one is slightly different; while getting gas, Jim goes into the gas station and seeks out an infected person. This is almost a way of proving to himself that he can hold his own against the infected. It is also his first real expression of rage and violence. After this, Jim has a dream where he is abandoned by the group, alone in unfamiliar territory just as he is in the beginning. In this dream, sheep in the field seem to flee from Jim just like the rats flee from the infected. This foreshadows his full descent into his own rage by the end of the film. Once Jim escapes from the soldiers, he allows his rage to overtake him in order to rescue Selena and Hannah completely. At this point, his behavior begins to look indistinguishable from the infected.

Actor Danny Trejo helped rescue a baby from an overturned vehicle in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon. One vehicle ran a red light and crashed into another, resulting in it flipping over and and trapping a woman and baby inside, Trejo said. Monica Johnson, who also witnessed the crash, crawled in through the window because the actor was unable to get the baby out due to a seat belt, Trejo said. Johnson undid the seat belt and Trejo got the baby out.\n","link":"https:\/\/\/news\/national-international\/actor-danny-trejo-helps-save-baby-trapped-in-car-in-la\/123971\/","date":"August 8, 2019","subtitle":"\"She was hurt, but all she said was, 'Get my baby. Get my baby,'\"","sponsor":"","sst_source_id":"526780521","linkout":"","linkout_url":"","syndicated":true,"nationalized":true,"linkout_excerpt_url":"","originating_market":"NATIONALNBC","content_tag":"actorallie-weintraubcar-seatlos-angeleslos-angeles-fire-departmentshahan-ahmed","section":"entertainment","subsection":"entertainment-news","subsubsection":"","all_sections":"entertainmententertainment-newsnewsnational-international","sponsored":false,"contentid":"1001262014","localid":"1:7:123971","localid_combined":"1007123971","contenttitle":"Actor Danny Trejo Helps Save Baby Trapped in Car in LA","contenttype":"article ","syndicatedid":"1:1:262014","byline_authors":"Shahan Ahmed","sourceid":"526780521","pageName":"entertainment-news:detail content page","collections":"","uri":"\/news\/national-international\/actor-danny-trejo-helps-save-baby-trapped-in-car-in-la\/123971\/","uri_length":6,"section_name":"entertainment","detail_section_name":"entertainment-news","detail_subsection_name":"","this_contenttype":"article ","template":"article - general","this_request_type":"singular","video_collections":[]},"browserTitle":"%s - NBC Connecticut","pageType":"article","locale":"en_US","video":"bitrate":50000,"playerType":"articleplayer","fwSSID":"ots_wvit_entertainment_entertainment-news","fwSSID_liveNoPre":"ots_live_nopreroll","fwNetworkID":"382114","fwManager":"network":"_live","siteKey":"","config":"volume":100,"htmlPreRoll":true,"htmlOmniture":false,"tremorFlashKey":"52289094b872c","tremorFlashSyndKey":"5239b2feaee2e","tremorHTMLKey":"5239c44e7e9e1","tremorHTMLSyndKey":"5239c4849009","htmlOmniture":false,"pdkPath":"https:\/\/\/assets\/pdk587","plugins":["akamaiHD","FreeWheel","comscore","captions","capcon","liveCaptions","streamsense","chartbeat"],"adobe":"rsid":"nbcuotsdivisiontotal","link_internal_filters":"javascript:,,,,,","weather":"weather_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/","alerts_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/severe-weather-alerts\/","closings_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/school-closings\/","sharethrough_codes":["nP3EagztciAhUuFBbE24BQsi"],"param_zipcode":"","appleStoreUrl":"https:\/\/\/CWFkskLpwG7wPV8mmmRdlLmEqdAzHrteUpaQzsBej-1XfulTx2-T9D8hDnUdlBaZuI0F0TjN3ymp7IN8qI8aZg","androidStoreUrl":"https:\/\/\/7FJZ3H4H-zDE1jFSOa33i15KLoEjTszcQMJsV6-2VnHFDLXitVHB6BlL95nuoNYfD4DN9cA_K7isGKodpGGvSwZXchAy1QDgLLfh3nfpIa0PYu0wIMz9qzXvx-RM8FAGMv19l5B0HQTplGz--6z0Mw","facebookAppId":"81242742459"};.hero-background:empty background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0,0,0,0.55) 0%,rgba(0,0,0,0) 20%); "@context":"http:\/\/","@type":"NewsArticle","mainEntityOfPage":"https:\/\/\/news\/national-international\/actor-danny-trejo-helps-save-baby-trapped-in-car-in-la\/123971\/","headline":"Actor Danny Trejo Helps Save Baby Trapped in Car in LA","datePublished":"2019-08-07T23:45:49","dateModified":"2019-08-08T10:17:28","description":"Actor Danny Trejo helped rescue a baby from an overturned vehicle in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon. One vehicle ran a red light and\u2026","speakable":"@type":"SpeakableSpecification","cssSelector":[".article-headline",".article-subtitle"],"keywords":"actor, Allie Weintraub, car seat, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire Department, Shahan Ahmed","publisher":"@type":"Organization","name":"NBC Connecticut","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","height":60,"url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/amp_square_wvit.png","width":160,"image":"@type":"ImageObject","height":478,"url":"https:\/\/\/2019\/09\/NBC@3x-3.png?resize=1200%2C675&quality=85&strip=all","width":850,"author":"@type":"Person","name":"Shahan Ahmed"var dfpAdUnits = ;var googletag = googletag ;googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd [];(function() var gads = document.createElement('script');gads.async = true;gads.type = 'text/javascript';var useSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol;gads.src = (useSSL ? 'https:' : 'http:') +'//';var node = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];node.parentNode.insertBefore(gads, node);)();var dfpBuiltMappings = , dfpAdUnits = ;if (768

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