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[S3E4] Old Flames And New Names

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The sorcerer approached the master of a touring troupe and made an offer he couldn't refuse, buying a slave boy - a young Varys - from his group. The sorcerer gave the boy a potion that made him unable to move or speak, but didn't dull his perceptions or sense of pain, and emasculated him. Then, he burned Varys's penis and testes in a brazier as part of a magical ritual. In his pain, Varys was frightened to observe that when the sorcerer prayed to the blue flames in his ceremony, a voice clearly answered him from the flames. Afterwards, the sorcerer had no use for Varys, and threw him in the streets to die.[1]

Before Nikkal and Ethan were born, their mother was always scared of something - it's hinted that she might have a mental illness. After having them, she felt better and called them her protectors, but when they learned to use magic, everything changed and their mother thought Nikkal and Ethan were life eaters and wanted to kill her. When Nikkal was about ten years old, her powers made her burst into flames and her mother couldn't handle it, leading to Nikkal and Ethan being sent away by their father Lagash. The siblings ended up in an orphanage where they met the Su and Shimun and became close friends who supported and protected each other.

After the banishment of The Dark Ones, very little is known about Ruby's activities until the 21st Century, except she would cross paths with the likes of Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun,[7] and traveled through Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, where she gained the nicknames of "Demon Woman of Fire" and "Fierce Mother From Hell".[8]

Ruby and Amanda followed Ash's trail by using his severed hand to guide the way.[11] The hand led them to the farm of El Brujo, Pablo's shaman uncle. During Ash's visit, Brujo had been killed by the demon Eligos, and his body was left to burn in a blazing funeral pyre in the front yard. As Ruby and Amanda investigated the farmhouse, Brujo's corpse became possessed by the spirit of a Deadite and shambled off the pyre to attack the two. Using a farming scythe, Ruby managed to drive the Deadite back into the blazing pile of wood, but was accidentally dragged into the flames herself. Believing her new partner to be dead, Fisher fled the farm to continue the search for Williams alone.[12]

Upon feeling the cabin, Ash and Kelly began to feel the effects of their actions, as Ash grew a new hand and Pablo was alive and well. As they drove off, Pablo revealed that he was not himself, but rather Baal, who had managed to take over Bolivar's body back in the Asylum in the 21st Century. Taken back to the cabin, Ash and Baal competed in a "contest of egos" fistfight for the fate of the world while the 1980s Ruby attempted to sway Kelly into joining her. Williams beat Baal by using the demon's own powers against him, which in turn opened a portal to Hell. The cabin burst into flames, and Ash and Kelly escaped the inferno moments before the old shack collapsed in on itself with Ruby still inside. Ash, Kelly, and the newly resurrected Pablo returned to the 21st Century.[15]

Paintbrush tries to brainstorm last second when OJ starts lashing out at them. OJ says that if there was only ONE leader they would be done. Paintbrush then bursts into flames and yells at OJ for managing them as if they were back at the hotel. The Floor causes the ground to shake and immediately shuts both of them up. He tells them that they dont need to overthink everything, and that they just need to VOTE. He shakes the floor again and causes Yin-Yang to fall off his mountain of Dr. Fizz.

With 2 votes, OJ is the 4th person eliminated, being his first elimination EVER. OJ sighs, finally feeling what its like to be eliminated. He starts thanking his team before Silver excitedly interrupts saying his plan actually worked. He explains that his Cabby file gave him all the info he needed about player votes. Paintbrush tells him to stop but he continues about how Candle insisted on voting out OJ, but t

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