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Mature Wank Me

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mature wank me

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After this, she was so well lubricated that I always slipped easily inside her and fucked my cock up her dirty hole until I unloaded my own filth inside her big belly. During my cumshot, she would sometimes use the same sort of foul language to me to heighten the intensity of my cum. On some occasions, when she chose to masturbate herself in front of me, I would take my cock in my hand and wank it up and down while watching her. Very often I couldn't hold on and the sight of her big tits wobbling, her nipples being rubbed and tweaked, her big bum and fat thighs, and her middle finger wanking away side-to-side on her clit was all I could bear, and as she brought herself to climax I would shoot my filthy blobs over her vagina, her wanking hand, her stocking tops and her fat thighs.

I closed the door behind me and said nothing to anyone about it, but secretly my wank-fantasy had been fuelled again, and while I fucked Caroline later that night I pretended it was Dorothy spread out under me. It was too much to bear, and I started to cum up to my cumshot immediately. As I did so, I looked Caroline in the eye, and pretending I was speaking to Dorothy, said "I'm spunking up you, you dirty fat cunt". I had never had a cum which had lasted such a long time or produced so much filthy sperm. As I fucked my cock in and out of Caroline's cunt slit I could feel the cumshot running out of her fuck-hole and down over my balls and her bum hole onto the bed.

The girls were interested in the length, girth and the vibrating and thrusting motion that it made, but Caroline's brother and I were just too embarrassed to join in. Eventually, I took the vibrator and studied it closely, secretly hoping to find some signs that it might have recently been up inside Dorothy's cunt hole. I saw nothing, and handed it over, but agonised over wanting to smell it for traces of her vaginal aroma, and even to lick it to see if there was any cunt residue from its last wank-off session.

My wanks were dominated by fantasies of doing what Brian had done that night, with his tongue in her mouth and his fingers wanking her on her knicker-covered slot. Or of her fucking her own cunt hole with her big vibrator, sometimes with her smaller one lubricated and nudging up at her big bum hole as she fingered her clitty just as Caroline did. When I imagined Dorothy coming to a loud and vulgar climax, I always shot my own load, usually uttering filthy words to heighten the pleasure.

My wank fantasies were supplemented by my recommencing an activity I'd not done since I was a lodger in a North London house. I would look in the laundry basket for Dorothy's worn and soiled knickers and lick and suck the gusset while wanking myself off furiously. The heady aroma and acidic taste were fantastic as I imagined I was sucking the cum juice out of Dorothy's hairy cunt hole, or lapping away at her clit while fingering her cunt and bum holes to bring her off to her spunk as she bucked and writhed on the bed. I would finish by pumping my thick dollops of sperm into the gusset while uttering filthy swear words which in my imagination were directed to Dorothy -- "you dirty fat old cunt, I'm spunking it all out into your dirty cunt hole, you dirty fat bitch, you old cunt, fat old slag full of men's sperm you filthy fat old fucker..."

She got over Jim's death remarkably quickly, and re-made old friendships with people she'd left behind when emigrating, but she told me that being on her own left her feeling left out when all her old friends were in couples. As time wore on, she started to dress in her previous inimitable fashion with heavy make-up, tarty-looking tight jumpers stretched over her massive breasts, acres of cleavage on display, tight skirts, nylons and high heels. Alternatively, it was short summer dresses with low-cut fronts showing off her bra and breast flesh for all to see. I was convinced she would soon hook up with some gentleman suitor, but she never did, she just enjoyed dressing up and going out for a good time. She was nearly sixty and more than 30 years older than me, but I had soon re-discovered my fantasy world of sneaky glimpses of her underwear, wanks and spunk shots into her knickers, and fucking it up my wife while imagining I was doing it to Dorothy. 041b061a72

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