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Windows 2000 Virtualbox Virtual Machine Free [UPD] Download

Although Windows 2000 is an old operating system, sometimes you need to install this system for use, especially use it on a virtual machine. In the following part, we will show how to download Windows 2000 ISO for VMware or VirtualBox and then install it.

Windows 2000 virtualbox virtual machine free download


After installing Windows 2000 on the virtual machine, you need to install the Guest Additions software in order to use the hardware of your host computer on the virtual PC. This software is only required for Guest machines that you have installed on the VM.

Of course VMware is payware. VMware Player is free, and lets you run an existing virtual machine only. To make a VM though with VMware requires you to pay a HUGE sum of money (hundreds of dollars, if I remember correctly). For hobbyist usage, that is a no-go. Only a business that REQUIRED it for their operations would toss out that much money. Suffice to say, I'm sticking with VBox for now. Is it possible to use an older version of VBox Guest Additions with a newer version of VBox, and get the same Win2k guest additions support in a newer version of VBox?

It is always good to download these pre-installed and updated virtual machines instead of installing them from scratch with ISO or DVD. Since some of the existing players provide downloads via community-based hosting, mirror sites, and Torrent files with slow download speed and plenty of ads, including pop-ups and redirections, Sysprobs decided to host our pre-installed images on dedicated cloud storage with the premium network.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'sysprobs_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',105,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-sysprobs_com-medrectangle-3-0');These pre-installed VirtualBox images can work on any Windows Operating system, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1and Windows 7, Linux, and macOS laptops or desktop computers.

Thank you very much for your reply. Here is what I have found out after several sessions with both Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. I am running Windows 7 Premium on my HP computer. Per Microsoft sessions, Windows Home Premium will not run Auto Cad 2000 without complications ( as you mentioned, some things work, some don't ) but by upgrading to Windows Professional, your problems are solved. providing your computer is up to it. Now per HP sessions, the computer I bought is not set up for office applications. By this I mean anything other than home use such as checking email, internet browsing, playing cards, etc. Apparently Auto Cad 2000 is considered as office software, not home software therefore it still will not run on my computer. This is 100% my fault for not doing the proper research. Now, here is the good news. According to Microsoft, you can download software called virtual PC ( by the way this is free). Then download free software called XP Mode. Now this will allow you to run XP on your Windows 7 operating system. But this will only operate with Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate, not Windows 7 Home Premium. The upgrade to the Professional edition it $89.95 from Microsoft. There is a video demonstration on Microsofts web site that will explain how this works and how to install it. All of this information is the result of several sessions with both Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. The representative from HP ( an American by the way) told me it was not worth the headaches I will encounter without upgrading my computer and Windows 7 Professional. I apologize for taking up so much room and time, but I tried to relay all of the information I have gathered to try to relieve some of the problems for someone else

If you use a virtual machine and want to download Windows 2000 ISO for VirtualBox, then this is the place for you. At this time Microsoft Windows 2000 is outdated. But, people need the ISO file for testing purposes.

To try it out, you either need to download the .iso image from the mint website and burn that to a DVD (step by step instructions are on the website) - or look for a Linux/PC magazine which has it already on a front cover dvd - Then, so long as your PC is set to allow it to start from a dvd, then you should be able to boot your computer from the live dvd to try it out. You can even dual boot and keep your Windows alongside a Linux installation to run both on the same PC, or run one inside a virtual machine on the other once you have decided you like using it.

However, the principle is that Win7 will know the difference in terms of installing the same way as it knows the difference between a .doc and a .exe file and should install the ubermix.ova file into the virtualbox software. Once its done that when you open the virtualbox udermix, it'll be like turning on another PC which has its own virtual hardware, including hard drive etc, so it won't mix up between the Win7 host and the ubermix (or any other) virtual machine.

ok i have two problems1) when trying to configure outlook 2003 on my xp, sp2 home edition pc i can get it to work with my email address from uni but when attempting to access my hotmail account i keep getting please enter passwword and username box and regardless of what username or password i put in it wont connect, and i set it up to connect to a http server which is what it says to use for hotmail2) while using virtualbox to run ubuntu on my xp machine i set up a shared folder on my xp machine and went through and set up a folder in the ubuntu desktop that would connect to my ip address but it just says it cant access the folder and none of the files are visible. i'm thinking firewall problem? or incompatibly with ntfs file system?--Colsmeghead 23:11, 27 June 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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