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Breaking Bad S01e02 720p Subtitles Download

This study was a first attempt to understand the effect of viewing conditions on subtitles when segmentation is involved, and the results have implications for both subtitle production and consumer education. It was observed that the viewers performed better on both the word-list and sentence completion tasks for those subtitles that were segmented rather than unsegmented. For all devices, larger subtitles performed better for both types of tasks. However, there was little difference in readability between the two types of subtitles on the large screen. On the small screen, smaller, segmented subtitles were more effective for both sentence completion and word-list tasks. It is possible that increasing the word count of the subtitle may improve comprehension for all devices. It would also be useful to determine if the small screen effect is caused by a combination of larger texts and smaller screen size, or if it is caused by a text size effect. For the latter question, it would be useful to control text size, which may have different effects than changing the number of subtitles displayed.

Breaking Bad S01e02 720p Subtitles Download

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The challenge in this study is that the viewers had no direct control over the variables. They did not know what subtitles they would receive, nor could they test two or three types of subtitles that included H, P, A, or H or P segments on each of the platforms. This is like the difference between playing a video game and having a video program play itself. The conclusions from this study are limited to the effects of viewing conditions on subtitling comprehension.

SubtitleFormatter was developed to address the difficulty of using subtitles in real time. When SubtitleFormatter is set to automatically change subtitles according to a display, it provides the best of both worlds: reliable, text-like subtitles that viewers can comfortably read while watching television. The automatic translation of subtitles may produce problems, though. Instead of providing the actual text that was spoken during broadcast, SubtitleFormatter may omit phonetic spelling, or may translate parts of the speech incorrectly. SubtitleFormatter provides a visual preview of each line of spoken text to help viewers distinguish which parts of a subtitle are correct, which parts may be translated incorrectly, and which parts are missing.

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