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1920x1080 Windows Crash Error [1920x1080] : Wal...

Data replication ensures the duplication of data on an ongoing basis so that replicate is in a consistently updated state and is synchronized with the source. This ensures high data availability and safety of data against undesired events such as crashes, system errors, etc. Postgres WAL replication meets this requirement through a feature called streaming replication. This feature is achieved through a master-slave configuration.

1920x1080 Windows crash error [1920x1080] : wal...

If an EOFException occurs while splitting logs, the split proceeds even when hbase.hlog.split.skip.errors is set to false.An EOFException while reading the last log in the set of files to split is likely, because the RegionServer was likely in the process of writing a record at the time of a crash.For background, see HBASE-2643 Figure how to deal with eof splitting logs 041b061a72

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