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Amiga EXE Game Pack V2.6 Version Download ((INSTALL))

I actually have a problem at the moment. I created the game pack via FS-UAE Launcher but the game pack loader only contains emulators for JVGA, VGA, XGA and 512x384 resolution games. No native resolution options are included. The game pack is named Mega Troopers v4. My original game collection is very large with many games taking up over 100mb per game and it would be nice to have the option to play them in native resolution for better performance

Amiga EXE Game Pack V2.6 Version Download

I got the Game pack the other day. It seems fine,but what does need to be done is that you need to boot it and convert the running amiga to a fat32. Also the boxes need to be changed to amiga boxes. Start menu works and you have to use the winkeys to do what you want to do. Seems to work fine but the problem I have found is I cannot play my amiga packages from the game packs. This is bit annoying.

I downloaded the GOTEK flash drive, its amazing. I have found so many games. I couldnt even find a good way to partition the drive. I had to clear space on my hard disk anyway. So I used Gparted live. I set the size to the new partition, gave the new partition a mount point, click ok and mounted it. That was it.

I got the game pack yesterday, I used it to load another game pack and it worked. So that is it, no problem. The next time i load my backup game pack I will not have to use the game pack loader again. I just have to keep the game pack on the usb drive. All the games work as they should, I have tested them. Only the game set and only the one thats works. For that I can use the loader again. I will try it on the guys that are having problems with the loading game pack.

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