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News of the God Mode glitch (sometimes referred to as Ghost Mode) started circulating around the Destiny 2 community last week. Players found that it could allow for easy solo flawless runs in some of the harder Destiny 2 content, like the Pit of Heresy dungeon and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes.


This was a very useful glitch for completing solo flawless runs, but it also had limitations. Players could not interact with items like Motes in the Prophecy dungeon, for example, and they couldn't activate control plates. And because the game didn't technically register a player in the area, enemies could regenerate their health over time if not killed.

While the God Mode glitch was not completely game-breaking, it did offer players a significant advantage over a ton of content. Destiny 2 players were completing solo Pit of Heresy and Shattered Throne dungeon runs with minimal effort. As long as there is a loading zone before the first main encounter of the activity, then players could trigger the glitch.

Upon completing the dungeon, players receive a random item (2 items if on hardcore mode) and gold, similarly to other dungeons. Players with the Extra Item Game Pass receive an extra item in addition to the above. The items that can be obtained are listed below.

I have a problem where the quest marker points to Karliah after Nocturnal's speech, but she only replies, "Yes, fellow Nightingale?" and does not grant me any further dialogue. (This is different from the glitch mentioned where Karliah does not show up at all or is "busy", and the quest marker points to Nocturnal's shrine.) I have thus far been unable to fix this glitch; reloading both the inner chamber and the entire dungeon fails to fix it, and waiting after Nocturnal's speech does nothing.

On this character, I have completed "Hard Answers" twice, and started "Darkness Returns" before I started "Hard Answers" the second time; completing "Hard Answers" twice fixed the bug where Karliah stays in the Winterhold inn's cellar. The testing comes from a time before I entered the Twilight Sepulcher, but after discovering it and starting the "Darkness Returns" quest. Picking up the journal at the beginning of the dungeon doesn't seem to affect the results, nor does fiddling with the corpse found after the "Leap of Faith". Installing the game did not help fix the problem. I'm playing on the 1.2 patch on the Xbox 360, so I have no way of using console commands. 02:13, 15 December 2011 (UTC) 350c69d7ab

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