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The One With The CakeFriends : Season 10 Episode 4

The One With The CakeFriends : Season 10 Episode 4 ===

"The One Where Rachel Smokes" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Friends and 115th overall. It first aired on NBC in the United States on April 8, 1999. In the episode, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) starts her new job at Ralph Lauren and soon feels left out because all the decision-making takes place on smoking breaks and she does not smoke. She tries to solve the problem by taking up the habit, which proves difficult. Meanwhile, Ben auditions for a soup commercial and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) decides to come along to try for a part as well. When each is paired with a different actor, the auditions become competitive. Elsewhere, Monica (Courteney Cox) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) plan a surprise party for Rachel.

"The One Where Rachel Smokes" was written by Michael Curtis, making it his third writing credit of the season.[1] It was the only episode directed by Todd Holland.[1] Holland worked previously as a director on Tales from the Crypt, Felicity and most notably The Larry Sanders Show, where he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series at the 50th Primetime Emmy Awards.[2]Despite her character's refusal to smoke, Jennifer Aniston at the time of filming was a frequent smoker.[3] She publicly asserted her intention to quit in the past and even turned to hypnosis, with the help from co-star Lisa Kudrow.[3] Joanna Gleason made her first appearance as Rachel's boss Kim Clozzi. She would later appear in the sixth season episode "The One With Ross's Teeth". "The One Where Rachel Smokes" marked the final appearance of Charlie and Jack Allen as Ben Geller-Willick-Bunch, who were replaced with Cole Sprouse.[4][5]

The episode was released as part of Friends: The Complete Fifth Season in Regions 1, 2 and 4.[12] There are two extra scenes included in the DVD: one with Carol at the audition and Chandler at the party attempting to sneak a cigarette.[7]

However, this conflicts with an earlier episode, The One with All the Haste. Rachel and Monica try their hardest to win their apartment back from the boys. While Joey and Chandler are out, they switch back all the furniture, making Chandler furious. To resolve the situation, Monica and Rachel agree to kiss for one minute.

In the episode The One with the Wedding Dresses, the women of the gang find hanging around the apartment in wedding dresses rather comforting. Here, Rachel is seen wearing the same wedding dress from season one. But why did she keep it? We know that her parents spend $40,000 dollars on her wedding (in 1994!). So, we can safely assume that the dress has to be worth a lot of money. Why as a financially struggling waitress would she keep that dress in her closet? Even secondhand, she could have sold it for a fair amount of money. What was she saving it for?

OK, this was hands down the WORST Thanksgiving episode of Friends. Any program that can make me hate Christina Applegate is not favored by moi. For starters, the drama was not justified. It was Amy being a brat and insulting the gang of people who welcomed her to their Thanksgiving feast with open arms. Also, there was barely any eating of food! If anything, it was the OPPOSITE of eating because Rachel/Amy/Chandler broke all of Monica's expensive-ass wedding China.

Everyone was SO MEAN AND UNGRATEFUL TO MONICA! She was out here making not one, not two, but THREE types of potatoes for her friends because they couldn't spend Thanksgiving with their respective families. BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN EAT IT, because Rachel accidentally let the door lock behind her when they went up to the roof to see the rogue Underdog balloon, so all the food burned. The only saving grace of this episode was Ross feeling his baby kick for the first time.

As an inside joke after Courteney Cox married actor David Arquette in 1999 and professionally added his surname, every name in the opening credits for season 6's ''The One After Vegas'' included the additional last name (ex. Jennifer Aniston Arquette, Matthew Perr

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