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SECTION 1 - Guide To The Star Trek

Where do you find the Outfits and Guardian Collectibles in Chapter 1 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy? The start of the game sees the team exploring the Nova Corps Quarantine Zone in search of a monster with a large bounty. As part of our Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy guide, we are going to reveal the locations of all collectibles in Chapter 1 in the order you will discover them.

SECTION 1 - Guide To The Star Trek

Work through the background sections on Spectral Classification, Luminosity, and theHertzsprung-Russell Diagram. Then complete the following questions related to the backgroundinformation.Question 1: The table below summarizes the relationship between spectral type, temperature, andcolor for stars. Note that the surface temperature of the stars in the table increases.

After a while, you will head outside on Sacrosanct and start fighting enemies. This section continues for a while, but you won't find this Drax skin until you're near the end. Continue through the mission until you get your Walkman back from Lady Hellbender, and then slide into the next room. Fight the enemies inside and then continue along the main path and head back outside. Keep going until you cross Groot's bridge. The rest of your team will run ahead towards the next door. However, you can follow the path to the right to find Drax's Apocalypse outfit. Melt the ice with your fire blasters and keep going until you find the outfit box.

Ready for more? To read more about stargazing binoculars, click here. Part 2 discusses the features of binoculars and what makes certain binoculars better for stargazing. If you have questions about this first segment, please feel free to engage us in the Comments section, below. 041b061a72

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