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[S1E1] Droids In Distress [PATCHED]

After the shuttle enters hyperspace, Ezra and Chopper stage a fight, prompting Kanan to demand that the RX-24 droid pilot send Chopper to the back of the craft. In response, Ezra demands that C-3PO and R2-D2 be transferred to the back as well, referring to both droids as astromechs. C-3PO takes insult at being called an astromech, stressing that he is a protocol droid, and Tua tells the pilot that the two droids are accompanying her, and she is on Imperial business. The droid pilot informs Tua that Imperial regulations require all droids (save for himself) at the back of the craft, and 3PO begrudgingly heads to the back, followed by R2. With Tua bereft of a translator, Sabine then volunteers her services while posing as an Imperial Academy student. Sabine quickly learns that Tua's weapons shipment is located in Bay Seven of Garel City Spaceport. However, she misleads Tua into believing that it is in Bay Seventeen. C-3PO, in the back, sniffs that Sabine can't possibly take his place as translator. When R2-D2 attempts to find out what Tua and Wabo, with Sabine translating, are talking about, C-3PO tells him that it hardly matters to him what they're saying, and Chopper, believing R2 to be an Imperial droid, bumps into him to prevent him from listening. 3PO tells R2 that he could stand to learn some manners from Chopper.

[S1E1] Droids in Distress

Upon landing at the rendezvous point with Vizago on Lothal, the crew of the Ghost meet in the cargo hold to unload the rifles, with Hera agreeing to put off the topic of Ezra's training only for the moment. Sabine announces that R2 told her that his mission was to keep the T-7s out of Imperial hands, and that his master will pay handsomely for the two's return; Kanan agrees to consider it. Zeb is still not comfortable with selling the rifles, but as long as it's not the Empire, Kanan is fine with going ahead with the deal he already made with Vizago. Believing that the crew of the Ghost are criminals, thieves, and outlaws, C-3PO sneaks into the cockpit while the crew is busy with the cargo and sends a distress signal to Governor Pryce, but as she is away it's rerouted to Agent Kallus, who promises that "help is on the way."

Meanwhile, Vizago agrees to buy the T-7s and ordered his IG-RM droids to load the crates onto two speeders. Before they can complete the transaction, they spot an Imperial freighter carrying two All Terrain Defense Pod walkers on its way. Vizago and his droids quickly flee with four of the seven crates without paying the Ghost's crew, stating that he doesn't pay for partial shipments or trouble with the Empire. Kanan is left shaking with anger.

Kanan resolves not to let the disruptors fall into Imperial hands, and orders Sabine to destroy them. She starts heading to the ship to get explosives, but is surprised to see R2 leading the other two droids to the crates, saying he's helping the crew. He explains that they can just overload the T-7 disruptors, causing them to explode. While the others get the crates together and open them so Sabine and R2-D2 can get to work, Kanan destroys one of the advancing AT-DP walkers with a T-7 rifle but is knocked to the ground by a laser blast from the second walker. Hera then distracts the second walker by leading it on a chase around the surrounding stone circle and orders Chopper to prep the Ghost for takeoff. Shortly after, Agent Kallus and a contingent of stormtroopers disembark from the Imperial freighter and exchange fire with the crew.

Meanwhile, Agent Kallus receives a distress call aboard his Star Destroyer from C-3PO, who has commandeered the comm system of the Ghost while the crew is out. C-3PO, believing he is in grave danger and captive to a group of thieves, reveals the coordinates of the ship to Agent Kallus. Kanan tries to move the deal along with Vizago, but the deal is interrupted by the arrival of Imperials. Vizago believes the Ghost was followed, and flees the scene with a number of crates. Rather than running, Kanan is determined to fight the incoming Imperials in order to keep their hands off of the weaponry. R2 tells Sabine to overload the Disruptors in order to destroy them, and she enthusiastically agrees. As the Imperials approach, they drop two armored AT-DP walkers and Kanan engages them using a Disruptor. After taking out one walker, he is thrown back by a blast from the second and Hera leaps in to protect him with her holdout blaster. Imperial ground troops arrive and begin shooting at the crew, and Hera orders Chopper to ready the Ghost for takeoff in the ensuing chaos. 041b061a72

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