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2pac Thug Life Vol 1 Rar LINK

In 1992, Tupac had gotten "THUG LIFE" tattooed across his torso. The phrase would become synonymous with Tupac Shakur for the remainder of his life. In a famous 1993 interview with Ed Gordon of BET, Shakur defended "thug life" as an ethos -- it was a way to keep him connected to his people in the streets.

2pac thug life vol 1 rar

Soon, Thug Life would also become a rap group fronted by Shakur. With his star at an all-time high, 2Pac recruited a handful of emcees he was close to for a new project. His follow-up to Strictly... wouldn't be a proper 2Pac album. Instead, he was going to breathe life into Thug Life. He tapped rapper/producer Stretch, as well as rappers Rated R, Pac's stepbrother Mopreme, Macadoshis and Big Syke for the group.

"My father is still one of the most impressive people I have ever known," Mopreme said in 2012. "His accomplishments and his struggles inspire me constantly. I always seek to accomplish with my music what he accomplished in his life: to mean something as well as to have fun."

Thug Life, Volume 1 dropped in the early fall of 1994, thrusting 2Pac's new group into the spotlight and spawning such indelible tracks as "How Long Will They Mourn Me," "Str8 Ballin'" and "Bury Me A G." The project became a fan favorite and eventually earned gold status, but would be somewhat overshadowed by Tupac Shakur's pending court case involving sexual assault. It would also be obscured by the November 1994 shooting that almost took Shakur's life.

1994 - 2pac - Thug Life [320]Tracklist:2Pac - 01 - Bury Me A G2Pac - 02 - Don't Get It Twisted2Pac - 03 - Shit Don't Stop2Pac - 04 - Pour Out A Little Liquor2Pac - 05 - Stay True2Pac - 06 - How Long Will They Mourn Me2Pac - 07 - Under Pressure2Pac - 08 - Street Fame2Pac - 09 - Cradle To The Grave2Pac - 10 - Str8 Ballin' 350c69d7ab

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