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Mad Dad Malayalam Full Movie Free

Mad Dad is next film of Malayalam Mega Star actor Mohanlal. The film Mad Dad is revealed the story of a father and his daughter. The movie Mad Dad is directed by Rvathy S Varma, it is her Debut film in Malayalam industry. Revathy is a malayali but she had earlier made a Tamil film named Jun 6. Mad Dad revealed the story of emotions that made in between a father and his children. The film the also displays the relationship between father and children, in this movie the role Mad Dad is handled by Mohanlal, who has extreme attachment which his daughter. Due to intensive attachment, lot of emotional incidents happens their life. This is the first time Mohanlal handling this type of role in Malayalam film. The Mad Dad movie is a complete family entertainer movie. The Upcoming movie of Mohanlal, Mad Dad is produced by PVS Associates. The Malayalam comedy actor Padmasree Salimkumar plays a lead role in this film. The associated actors of this Malayalam movie are Archana Kavi, Shweta Menon and Harishree Ashokan. In this movie Archana Kavi is handling the role of Mohanlal's daughter.

mad dad malayalam full movie

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On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval critic rating of 73% based on 106 reviews, with an average rating of 5.7/10, and an audience rating of 81%, with an average rating of 4.22/5 stars based on 4,717 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Like its non-aerodynamic title characters, The Angry Birds Movie 2 takes improbable yet delightfully entertaining flight, landing humorous hits along the way."[6] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[7]

Fahadh and Nazriya met on the sets of Bangalore Days, they played husband & wife in the movie, their parents suggested that they should try and see if it works out between them. In January 2014 they decided to get married, in February 2014 they got engaged, they got married on 21 August 2014 in Thiruvananthapuram.

As a child artist: She entered movies with Palunku (2006), a Malayalam drama directed by Blessy. With Mammootty, Lakshmi Sharma in the cast. She played the daughter of Mammootty's character in the film.

As a lead actress: Maad Dad (2013), a Malayalam film directed by Revathy S Varmha, starring Lal, Meghana Raj, Lalu Alex, Padmapriya & Pooja Gandhi was her debut movie in the lead.

Controversy: Nazriya Nazim lodged complaint against the filmmakers of movie Naiyandi for shooting scenes of her character using a body double, it included scenes of her character showing of Navel, being touched in sensual manner.

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