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DFF NT: Violet Robe Appearance Set For The Emperor Download No Survey ##VERIFIED##

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The Emperor(皇帝, Kōtei)Portraits Other appearancesMain appearanceDissidia NTOpera OmniaBiographical informationAffiliationWarriors of ChaosPhysical descriptionRaceHumanGenderMaleGameplay detailsDissidia 2008Dissidia 012TypePlayer characterEX ModePower of HellfireEX BurstAbsolute DominionWeaponSwords, daggers, rods, stavesArmorbangles, hats, hairpins, clothing, robesExclusive weaponsDiamond Mace, Demon's Rod, Mateus's MaliceTypePlayer characterEX ModePower of HellfireEX BurstAbsolute DominionWeaponDaggers, rods, staves, polesArmorBangles, hats, hairpins, clothing, robes, headbandsExclusive weaponsDiamond Mace, Demon's Rod, Mateus's MaliceBehind the scenes informationOriginal appearanceFinal Fantasy IIDesignerYoshitaka Amano (original)Tetsuya Nomura (Dissidia)Japanese voice actorKen'yū HoriuchiEnglish voice actorChristopher Corey Smith

The Emperor's second alternate outfit, "Violet Robe," is based on his appearance in the Final Fantasy Origins FMV. The Emperor wears a primarily black robe with dark purple details, a high collar and large shoulders, knee-high boots, and a large purple sash around his waist. The Emperor's hair is styled to resemble a single larger pair of horns, and his hair is longer. His EX Mode gives him the demonic face with horns of his default outfit EX Mode, along with the striped collar, and the rest of his outfit becomes darker.

As a bonus downloadable outfit, "Arubboth" or "Emperor of Arubboth," the Emperor takes on the form of the Emperor of Heaven as seen in the Soul of Rebirth bonus quest. The Emperor wears a pale yellow and gold robe with light purple linings and trailing sleeves, and has several small horns - it is unclear if they are a headpiece or part of his head. He also has six large, white wings. In his EX Mode the Emperor gains a golden crest above his wings to more closely resemble the PSP sprite of the Emperor of Heaven.

In Endwalker, Zenos changes his job to a Reaper. He wears a black and red assemble with half-cape, golden gauntlets and sabatons, wielding a gigantic magitek scythe. Like all Reapers, Zenos has a Voidsent Avatar, his distinct from the adventurer's; depicted as a tall, robed multi-armed figure covering its eyeless faces with its hands. Floating atop its head is a broken halo-like construct and wields its own scythe separate from Zenos's. When Zenos uses Enshroud, unlike the players where their Avatar envelops their whole bodies, Zenos's appearance only changes slightly. His hair darkens and stands up with red highlights, his body is shrouded with red and black spikes, and he has red eyes. 153554b96e

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