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16-jan - Google Drive

Note: Some Mac users can't create shared drives in Drive for desktop. As a workaround, they can create shared drives in their browser at This issue will be resolved in a future release.

16-jan - Google Drive

Suddenly Bridge has stopped showing Google Drive (virtual drive) in the Folders panel. I can see its alias under Users (in the Content panel), but it's not clickable. It doesn't work in the Favourite panel either. Everything was working fine until two days ago, though.

Same problem here. It's as if Bridge doesn't recognize Google Drive as a network drive anymore. I can open an image from google drive in bridge, then I can see google drive in the file path, but it's still not listed under "computer" in the folder list below (see image). So frustrating. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -oo

The funny thing about the icon in the finder is that if you do a get info it shows the color google drive icon but in the finder sidebar it shows the dark folder with google drive icon. I guess it is the way the OS interupts what it is, it is a mouted volume but it is seeing it as a folder. Maybe because there is techincially a folder that the Drive uses to cach the files you are working with?

While it kind of defeats the purpose of using cloud storage have you tried bridge with a folder that has been set to keep files available offline which basically keeps a physical copy on your computer. You can actually click "My Drive" and set the whole folder to be available offline which will copy all the files to your hard drive. I am not currenty doing it myself because f HD space but will be as a extra layer of file protection one I get a new drive.

I was able to see my own google drive files that I own and the ones that were "shared with me" after clicking on "Show Hidden Files". However, I could not actually open any google drive folder that was "shared with me." I fixed that clicking on Google Drive in Bridge's Favorites folder, then the .shortcut folder, then navigating through those folders to find the one I wanted access to. Once I found it, I dragged it over to the Favorites panel for easy access later. So far so good.

My goal is to give 20 students and a teacher access to a shared google drive folder called "Yearbook" through Adobe Bridge. We want to build a collaborative yearbook and school magazine in InDesign where all students have shared access to the files, photos, and pages of the yearbook. Hoping this is the answer!

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I partially agree with Ian. I would hope the agreement with google was more like when Google switched from unlimited google photos storage. Google photos used to be unlimited storage, but in 2021 they switched it to factor into your 15 gb, BUT photos you had stored before the date were grandfathered in and not accounted in your storage moving forward.

This will open up another window where you can select the particular root folder to sync from. The root folder may be located in a personal drive ("My drive"), Shared drive, or a folder in the "Shared with me" drive.

One of the biggest conundrum of any organization planning to move to SharePoint is how to move all their documents stored in various different locations to efficiently to SharePoint. This becomes even more important if the company wants to use SharePoint as a document management system which is one of the strongest features of SharePoint. In past, you had to use a combination of third-party tools to move all the files to SharePoint if they are stored both in-network shared drives and SaaS platforms like Box or Google drive. Microsoft understood the pressing need of having a consolidated migration tool to ease the process of migration and has acquired Mover which is now part of the O365 products and is now available in SharePoint Migration Manager. In this article, we will have a quick look at Migration Manager and then Mover and how we can use to migrate files from Google Drive to SharePoint. 041b061a72

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