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Buy Sweet Chestnuts Online

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Buy Sweet Chestnuts Online

These days, people often buy chestnuts online due to their unavailability in their local grocery store. Chestnut season is typically from November to January, so if you want to enjoy this seasonal delicacy, it's best to stock up now. is a company that has been around for almost 100 years, but it did not start out as an online store. Nuts started as a small storefront where the owner and founder would take their nuts to markets in order to sell them one nut at a time with friendly service. Consequently, they could build up communities slowly over time.

The company offers a wide variety of nut options for all palates - from plain or salted and roasted nuts to chocolate-coated ones. There is always something there for everyone. Moreover, also sells a lot of other products, including coffee, tea, fruits, seeds, superfood powders, cooking ingredients, snacks, chocolate bars, and other sweets.

Chestnuts R Us is located on Rockin M Farms, established in 1991 when a few chestnut trees were first planted. Now over 2 thousand more have been added and are constantly expanding to meet the demand for their delicious fresh chestnuts!

Chestnuts are not always in season, but with innovation from their team, they try to provide chestnuts for sale all year round. These tasty treats will never go bad because of freezing technology, unlike every other fruit or vegetable out there.

The company has about one thousand five hundred trees each year. If you are lucky enough to receive an order, the website provides instructions on how to peel and roast chestnuts as well as recipes for cooking them.

Valley Chestnuts is a family farm run by three generations in Iowa. The company specializes in soy, but they've found a way to grow chestnuts well on their land. They planted 500 trees during 2017 and now have 3200 total!

To keep up with the high demand for chestnuts, they have invested in a new state-of-the-art processing line that helps them clean, inspect and package their product as efficiently as possible. This means they know how to preserve chestnuts so you can get them fresh!

California is a great place for growing chestnuts. In order to get the best possible yield and highest quality, they harvest their chestnuts throughout September and October. They work every day to reduce time on the ground and limit exposure. California sun can dry chestnuts if they're left too long, so harvesting is especially important there!

If you live in the United States, it's really easy to buy chestnuts from this brand. All you have to do is click on their website and input your shipping weight totals into a chart that they provide for free!

Eating the nuts by themselves or adding them into your favorite recipes is a great way to enjoy their sweet, nutty flavor! If you're looking for gluten-free baking needs, try their milled chestnut flour. has been around since 1929. It began as a small, personal store that the owner and founder would take to markets to sell nuts with friendly, personal service. Today, the online store strives to emulate the same feeling of community with personalized service on a much wider scale.

Their chestnuts are sold by the pound and are 100 percent fresh, meaning they need to be refrigerated to survive, due to their high moisture content. The process is worth the effort, as properly stored chestnuts can stay fresh for up to two weeks.

Their chestnuts come in four sizes, from small to extra large. Even with their thousands of trees, they sell out pretty fast every year. They do have an email list you can join to be notified as soon as the next crop is on sale.

They began with colossal chestnuts as these are known for producing a solid yield of large chestnuts. However, they were introduced to some new European varieties in 2001 which they enjoyed very much. Today, they also offer a limited selection of Italian marroni chestnuts which have proven popular among their customers.


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