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Fn Browning Trombone 22 Serial Number

I have a 22 caliber pump action rifle (made by Fabrique Nationale D'armes de guerre herstal belgique). Wood stock is a little rough and the markings on top of barrel by sight is made by FN in belgium and then says browning patents. On the left side of the barrel, looks like 'crown' markings and then its also says fl.22.c and a crown after that. On the main part of the body above the trigger is a 'serial' number? 3379 ? Please help what year would this be and how do I get more info in this gun?

Fn Browning Trombone 22 Serial Number

If so, it is called a FN Trombone. They are rare here in the states because they weren't imported until the 60's, and only 3200 were brought in. It was a John Browning design, and production started in 1922 and ended in 1974. FN's serial number data is very sketchy because their records didn't make it through the wars. Since you have a low number, I would think your rifle is a early production model.

Funny i was reading most comment, just bumped in a friend who owns one and he wants to sell his trombone...his story goes back to general deguaule offering it to his product number just one serial 784...

I have a rifle identical to the one described above with the serial number of pw2015 with a square tang. The stock has a very small hairline crack at the tang that has been repaired with some wonderful workmanship involving a wood insert with the grain of the wood insert perpendicular to the crack. It has a rotary dial rear sight.My question is, will this rifle handle 22 long rifle bullets. The loading aperture on the tube indicates it would handle the bigger cartridge. Any help would be appreciated. 350c69d7ab

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