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speaking of the civil war, a lot of folks don't know that they used to have separate beginnings and endings. and if you look at that history, the beginning and ending of the civil war in 1863, the south literally was not a unified society. the south had been organized and in effect constituted by states. and yet the north had a very strong central government back in the 1850s and 1860s.

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and so, even though the south was recognized as a state for a very short period of time, they had already set the stage for what would be a very long and bloody conflict. and that's not the only thing. in many ways, the civil war was a continuation of the war between the states. and not that long after the war between the states ended, the war of northern aggression is what it was referred to. is a platform for subtitles search and download to watch video with subtitles, find translated versions of subtitles and download them,.ass or.sub files. subtitles also include other video details such as display options, alternative audio tracks, and have built in subtitle censors to work with times and rewinding to facilitate subtitle editing. all subtitles downloaded from are compliant with leading platforms like quicktime, media player, windows media player, windows, ios, android, etc. and guarantee high quality and timeliness.

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