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Driv3r Extra Quality Free

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Driv3r Free

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Driver 3 (stylized as DRIV3R) is a 2004 action-adventure game, the third installment in the Driver series. It was developed by Reflections Interactive, published by Atari, and released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and mobile phones in June 2004, Microsoft Windows in March 2005, and Game Boy Advance in October 2005. The game's story focuses on players assuming the role of John Tanner, an undercover FBI agent, as he investigates a car-smuggling ring across three countries, in order to identify and arrest its boss and learn who they are planning to sell a cache of stolen cars to. The game expanded upon its predecessors with on-foot sections, gun combat, and drive-by shooting, with virtual recreations of three major cities - Miami, Nice, and Istanbul - free-roam game mode, and an improvement to the series' film-making "director mode".

Driver 3 focuses on a mixture of open-world gameplay conducted through a third-person perspective, with it possible to change to different camera angles at any time. The game consists of primarily single-player modes of gameplay - "Undercover", the game's story mode; "Take A Ride", the game's free-roam mode, which allows players to explore one of the three cities at their own pace; and "Driving Games", a challenge mode consisting of three types of car-based games for players to try out, such as pursuing a fleeing criminal. As with previous installments, gameplay mostly focuses on driving around one of three settings, consisting of partial but faithful recreations of real-life cities, using a variety of vehicles based on real-life models, ranging from sedans and sportcars, to vans, trucks. Vehicles can be damaged over time, though players may freely leave their vehicle and switch to another within the current game world setting they are in at any time; the exception is vehicles that are mission critical to the game's story mode, as losing these constitutes automatic failure. A notoriety system keeps track of the player's actions - any unlawful action will raise this bar, with police pursuing the player if spotted by any, and the response to stopping them changing depending on the level of notoriety they have.

In Undercover Mode, players conduct a series of missions in which they must complete objectives, dealing with tasks such as escaping pursuers, reaching locations, and taking down culprits. At times, the player must complete objectives within a specific condition, such as a time-limit, with failure resulting in the player having to restart the mission. In Take A Ride, players can freely explore either Miami, Nice or Istanbul, searching for secrets, which consist of special cars and a group of hostile NPCs based upon the character of Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. If the player completes a mission of the story or leaves Take A Ride, they can freely choose to edit a replay footage from their game with different camera angles and film effects (i.e. slow-motion). The amount of footage they can edit is pre-determined and restricted in size.

Take A Ride mode is a simple free roam with no tasks or missions to complete. The player first chooses a car, boat, motorcycle, bus or truck. They then pick the time of day, the weather, and whether the police will be patrolling or not. They then pick a start point out of the ones available. They are then all on their own to explore the cities and other things.

As a complete package, it's hard not to pick holes in Driv3r. When we played the preview build, we remained convinced that certain issues would be fixed (as did others, it would seem), but apart from an obvious audio bug, the whole game is exactly the same as it was then. We stopped playing it so as to not spoil it for ourselves or wind ourselves up about problems that may well be put right - but we were being foolishly optimistic. What's apparent is that we've come away from 20 odd hour's worth of play having enjoyed about one hour of that. If you move away entirely from the missions and simply treat it as a free ride experience and upload some cool scenes over Xbox Live then there's at least some enjoyment to be had cruising around each city taking in the sights and checking out all the different vehicles on offer, but that's hardly something many people will be buying the game on the strength of.

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