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Kuch Is Tarah Serial Episodes

Kuch Is Tarah Serial Episodes

Kuch Is Tarah is a Hindi romantic comedy drama series that aired on Sony TV from November 2007 to August 2008. The show was created by Ekta Kapoor and produced by Balaji Telefilms. The story revolves around Kanya Godbole, a middle-class girl who falls in love with Ayan Nanda, a wealthy young man, but faces many obstacles in their relationship due to his family and his cynical uncle Ranbir Nanda. The show also explores the theme of multiple personality disorder, as Kanya has an alter ego named Natasha, who is a feminist activist.

The show had a total of 160 episodes, each lasting for about 20 minutes. The show was popular among the viewers and received positive reviews from the critics. The show also won one Indian Telly Award for Best Actress in a Comic Role for Dimple Jhangiani, who played Kanya.

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Cast and Characters




Akashdeep Saigal

Ranbir Nanda

Ayan's uncle and Kanya's husband. He is a rich businessman who hates love and marriage. He initially dislikes Kanya but later falls in love with her.

Dimple Jhangiani

Kanya Godbole / Natasha

A middle-class girl who works as a hotel manager. She loves Ayan but marries Ranbir to save her reputation. She suffers from multiple personality disorder and becomes Natasha, a feminist activist, whenever she sees fire.

Vishal Singh

Ayan Nanda

Ranbir's nephew and Kanya's ex-lover. He is a kind-hearted and handsome man who loves Kanya but is forced to break up with her by his mother.

Sudha Chandran

Mallika Nanda

Ranbir's mother and Ayan's grandmother. She is a strict and arrogant woman who opposes Kanya and Ayan's relationship.

Sooraj Thapar

Aditya Nanda

Ranbir's brother and Ayan's father. He is a supportive and loving man who cares for his family.

Anju Mahendru

Mallika Nanda (original)

The original actress who played Mallika Nanda before Sudha Chandran replaced her.

Episodes List

The episodes of Kuch Is Tarah can be watched online on various platforms, such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Here are some of the episodes with their titles and summaries:

  • Episode 1: Kanya has an interview at a big hotel, where she meets Ayan for the first time. She impresses him with her skills and personality.

  • Episode 4: Kanya gets a tough task from her boss to serve her granddaughter, who turns out to be Ayan's fiancée. She also meets Ranbir, who mocks her for being poor.

  • Episode 10: Kanya pretends to be her boss's daughter and signs a contract with Ayan's company for a merger. She falls in love with him and writes him a letter confessing her feelings.

  • Episode 15: Ayan proposes to Kanya and she accepts. However, Mallika finds out about their relationship and forces Ayan to break up with her.

  • Episode 20: Ranbir gets an ultimatum from his mother to get married within three days or lose his inheritance. He decides to marry Kanya, who agrees to save her family's honor.

  • Episode 25: Ranbir and Kanya get married in a lavish ceremony. They start living together but bicker constantly.

  • Episode 30: Ranbir discovers that Kanya has an alter ego named Natasha, who fights for women's rights. He tries to find out more about her by writing her a letter.

  • Episode 35: Ranbir and Kanya realize that they have feelings for each other. They confess their love and consummate their marriage.

  • Episode 40: Ranbir invites a psychiatrist named Akshay from London to treat Kanya's disorder. However, Akshay has ulterior motives and wants to separate Ranbir and Kanya.

  • Episode 45: Akshay hypnotizes Kanya and makes her believe that she is Natasha. He also tries to seduce her and make her hate Ranbir.

  • Episode 50: Ranbir finds out about Akshay's plan and exposes him. He rescues Kanya from his clutches and reunites with her.

  • Episode 55: Kanya gets pregnant with Ranbir's child. They are overjoyed and share the news with their families.

  • Episode 60: Kanya suffers a miscarriage due to stress and trauma. She blames herself and falls into depression.

  • Episode 65: Ranbir supports Kanya and helps her recover from her loss. He also assures her that they will try again for a baby.

  • Episode 70: Kanya gets cured of her disorder and becomes normal. She thanks Ranbir for his love and care.

  • Episode 75: Ayan returns to India after a long time. He apologizes to Kanya and Ranbir for his past mistakes and wishes them happiness.

  • Episode 80: Kanya gets pregnant again and gives birth to a baby boy. Ranbir and Kanya name him Aarav.

  • Episode 85: The show ends with a happy note, as Ranbir and Kanya celebrate their anniversary with their son and their families.

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